WordPress aquires PollDaddy.com

Posted by on October 16, 2008 in Wordpress

A little surprise popped up in my twitter feed this morning, Automattic aquired PollDaddy.com! Ok, it is not as if Google decided to give away free money (Sorry all), but for any blogger that longs for blog interaction, this is definitely your next step and something worth getting excited about.

So what does this mean, well, from the video above, adding Polls to your blog are just that much easier, you are now able to create a poll directly from within the wordpress admin area (for those without a PollDaddy account, not to worry, WordPress kindly allowed you to signup through the admin area as well ;) )

It’s not part of the current standalone WordPress platform as yet, however they have enabled intergration of this feature on wordpress.com and have released a first version plugin for all those out there to test out and get your readers “polling”.

I’m going to try get this enabled on the company blog today, the timing would have been great to add to Sandy’s Apple post and test it out.

Once again, round of applause for the WordPress team, keep up the amazing work.

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