WordPress 2.7 – a fresh look for the new year

Posted by on December 11, 2008 in Wordpress

I have this urge to shout “it’s allliiiiive, it’s ALIVE!” in a creepy voice, just like a monster movie (oh my flashbacks from the “Cable Guy”). Alright, now that i have that out my system… WordPress 2.7 is here :)

Features a customisable dashboard, reply to comments from the dashboard and even re-arrange your posting screen to just name a few. Search and add plugins right from the admin area even upgrading the WordPress platform (now if i can just get my access permissions right on the server). I’m extremely impressed with the bulk editing update, which makes it so much easier to re-allocate posts to authors, etc.

Interesting new feature included is the “sticky post” option. All these new “toys”, it’s hard to decide where to start. The sneakpeak video says it all

I would love to see an upgrade to the media library, trying to upload and manage images gives me a headache and i give up and move on.

Once again, round of applause to the WordPress team. ;) Let me get stuck into upgrading.

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