WordPress 2.6 Released – some new features

Posted by on July 17, 2008 in Wordpress

So WordPress 2.6 was released, and congrats to the new release, some really great new features added, some so small folks might not even notice, such as the word count feature appearing while creating your posts, revision history of posts, allowing easier collaboration on posts and comparing revisions.

One great new feature that got me all excited was the ability to sort your media library, drag and drop style, Ajax is amazing when put to good use :)

Updates like these just get you all excited to try and make use of the features, full avatar support as well for commenters across both gravatar, identicon and monsterID. Been dying to implement the avatar feature on the company blog for sometime, and this will be the perfect time. For those wanting to add it as well, found a great writeup this morning on how to enable the feature with some very basic PHP changes here, Gravatar Support.

Very short video highlighting some of the new exciting features:

It’s time i started to get stuck into my blog more often, i think i’m neglecting it, and with the features available within WordPress, including the plugins that offer so many nifty new options to add, i think it’s about time i paid a bit more attention to my little blog.

A big up to the folks that got this new update out, the admin area use of Ajax is so fluid and smooth, easy to use, it makes life alot easier for newbies and intermediates such as myself.

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