Day out in Langebaan

Posted by on December 7, 2008 in Family & Friends

Time to eat at the StrandloperWith summer popping it’s head out, a Sunday roadtrip to Langebaan was definitely on the cards. 2 hour drive along the Weskus past Ysterfontein took us to Langebaan. I must admit, the place has changed drastically since i was last there a few years back. They even have a new shopping centre and some very cliche JHB looking estate agent with his face plastered all over the billboards.

The only slight problem we had with the trip out there, was that the restaurants in Langebaan only open after 12!? So without resorting to normal take aways, a little sightseeing at Mykonos was in order, with us ending up at Die Strandloper. Right on the sea, a very rustic, fishing themed little place, yet absolutely amazing. Remember to book in advance though if you are interested in having a “meal” there, R170 per person get’s you a 10 course meal, GREAT seafood (the massive potjie pots brewing in the background) and feel free to bring your own alcohol.

After missioning around, doing the tourist style photo’s and then squeezing in some completely random photo’s with the biggest Seagull i’ve even seen (ok, so it’s not real, but hey, would be scary if it was ;) ) and chatting up a mermaid, we ended up spending lunch down by the Tropical Bar at the beach by Mykonos. Friendly people and one hell of a great vibe (a must for all of you looking for a great afternoon of sundowners and great music).

Anyone looking to have a relaxing day out in the sun and sea air, Langebaan is definitely the place.

And finally my favourite part, the fish eye lens :) You can take the most outrageous photo’s with this lens, so i definitely know what my xmas gift to myself is going to be this year.

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