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Search market share facts and figures 2008

Posted by on October 15, 2008 in Search Engine Marketing

I have my moments when i end up on a hunt, trawling through the SERPS to find figures or statistics on search engine market shares or even research completed on how search user behaviour has changed. 2008 has seen alot of changes compared to previous years, we know Big G leads the pack, and others follow suit, however it’s been a very interesting hunt the last week or 2, surprised that you cannot find some of the information i stumbled upon in 1 central point, post, article or whitepaper online.

Google UK

Google dominates within the UK market, by March 2008 Google was leading with 74% market share, which has climbed since last year up from over 65%. Now currently close to almost 80% of the market share within the UK.

Training and education in the SEM industry

Posted by on June 18, 2008 in Search Engine Marketing

I took a look from an “out of the box” perspective the other day, after explaining to a collegue the possible reasons for a website’s homepage to not have been crawled or indexed by Google, i just realised how the market has changed since i first started.

Initially just a writer for the company, and listening to my boss in the UK office explaining SEO back then for employment/recruitment industry was rather frustrating at the time, not being able to understand why and how it worked. The goal was to know what he knew, and to then know even more and be a key asset to the company in the future (personally i would be great and possibly a leader in the industry someday). Now it’s only been over 2 years, but the conversation i had made me think of what “newbie’s” to SEM get “thrown” in front of their screens when doing research compared to a few years ago when i was reading and learning.