May 2008

Just a funny

Posted by on May 19, 2008 in Just for Fun, Mobile

Not really a good excuse to post on the blog, but i had to share. Lovely to have a mobile that takes fairly decent pictures.

Spotted this car parked at the robots down the road from the house, snapped a shot. Amazing at what the traffic cops will stick a ticket on, when there are much more serious things for them to do

Hire a ticket?

Anyway, will start posting properly within the next few days after the last final tweaks to the blog. CSS… oh boy

New Blog – installation

Posted by on May 17, 2008 in Wordpress

Hey All,

After a bit of begging, finally have my own domain and blog. Since friday afternoon, the setup has, well, been a nightmare. Seems the new version, 2.5.1 of wordpress has massive changes including no author Bio page appearing anymore as in previous versions. Plugins are not compatible yet, so i’ve had a very limited choice in what to add to my blog from an admin side.

One frustrating issue, having to find a theme for the blog. Finding a appealing/eye catching design takes awhile, but actually loading it up and seeing what the design looks like live is disappointing. Thousands of themes later, and all i can come into conclusion is, the plain designs can’t handle what you really need. So be prepared for the look and feel of the blog to change somewhat as i get to grips with PHP and some basic design.